Thursday, 12 April 2018

My son can now see this beautiful world

Amith Bodiga, 5, from a tribal area in Rayagada District, Odisha, had difficulty in seeing and would constantly bump into things. The concerned parents took him to LVPEI's secondary centre in Rayagada where he was diagnosed with congenital cataract in both eyes and referred to LVPEI's tertiary centre in Visakhapatnam where the Paediatric Ophthalmology team led by Dr Virender Sachdeva operated both his eyes. Amith for the first time was able to see things around him, and has gained functional vision. The outcome of the surgery could have been much better if he were brought in at an earlier age. He is currently receiving vision rehabilitation services to help him optimally use his vision to pursue education. “This truly has been a life changing surgery for him. My son can now see this beautiful world. We are extremely thankful to the LVPEI team for making this possible,”says Mr Manmath Bodiga.

All he needed was a pair of spectacles for his newspaper

While passing by a street in her village Podalakuru, SPSR Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, LVPEI's Vision Technician from the centre there, happened to see an aged gentleman, Mr Chandra Adeaiah, struggling to read the newspaper, and approached him. The gentleman shared that he liked reading the newspaper, but found it difficult now because of his poor vision. He also shared that since he was already 75, he will never be able to enjoy good vision. A Kamamkshi, the technician, convinced him to visit the centre for an eye examination, which he did. His refractive error was easily corrected with a pair of spectacles. The elderly gentleman is now overwhelmed that he is able to see clearly, and says, “Thanks to these glasses, I can once again indulge in the pleasure of reading.”