Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Technology enabled patient care

D Parwathi, 44, from Kasimkota, AP, injured her left eye while working in her fields, resulting in
severe pain and red eye. Eventually, she was unable to even keep her eyes open, especially in sunlight, and was confined to her home. She visited the LVPEI vision centre in her village and consulted S Kalyani, the vision technician there. Suspecting infection, Kalyani immediately clicked the pictures of the patient's eye and shared it with the expert doctors at Hyderabad campus through the teleophthalmology facility available at all the vision centres. Thanks to this technology enabled expert guidance, the technician was able to guide Parwathi for further care and treatment at the nearest tertiary centre at Visakhapatnam. A detailed eye examination was carried out by Dr Merle Fernandes and drops were prescribed. After a couple of follow up sessions, the infection subsided. Happy to be finally relieved of the severe pain and red eye, Parwathi is now looking forward to resuming her work, and is extremely thankful to the LVPEI team for the timely treatment received. 

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