Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Life changing innovative surgery

Seven years ago, Ranjeet became a victim of 'chuna' (slaked lime) burn injury and lost vision in his left eye. His eye had turned ugly with a protruding mass (as in the picture in his hands). The local doctors had given up saying that his vision would never be restored. Disheartened, he came to LVPEI for the removal of his disfigured eye. But a miracle awaited him at LVPEI. A team of doctors led by Dr Sayan Basu performed a novel technique of stem cell transplantation surgery developed in LVPEI by Dr Virender Singh Sangwan, called SLET or Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplantation. Today, Ranjeet has not only regained vision but also his self-confidence and smile. Like Ranjeet, there are many other patients, across all age groups and from all over India, who have benefitted from this life-changing surgery.

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