Monday, 12 February 2018

Vision Rehabilitation Helps Aswini’s Placement with IBM

S Aswini, from Tirupati, had high myopia and low bone density at birth that the doctors associated to her parents’ consanguineous marriage. When in her 6th grade, she lost vision in her right eye due to a pencil injury and her left eye was also affected. Multiple health problems such as leucoma in her left eye, sinus and migraine, further worsened her vision and hearing too. Though traumatized initially, she did not succumb to depression, and completed her schooling but was discouraged from pursuing engineering. 

Her supportive family brought her to LVPEI’s Institute for Vision Rehabilitation. Professional counselling and training in mobility, use of special assistive software and low vision devices, helped her regain lost confidence. She not only completed her BTech on par with sighted peers but even received a placement offer from IBM as Associate Systems Engineer. 

“LVPEI has filled my colourless life with colours. I am so inspired by the team that I have started a not-for-profit organization called ‘Krant - Ray of Hope’, where I try to provide support to people who face similar challenges,” says Aswini.

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