Wednesday, 3 January 2018

“My experience at LVPEI has been an eye opener in the true sense."

“My experience at LVPEI has been an eye opener in the true sense.
I never realized how important our eyes were until I was affected with severe corneal damage after my cataract surgery, which took away my right eye vision. Despite undergoing a series of surgeries and the best of efforts by doctors in my hometown, I did not regain vision. Simple things such as climbing stairs or walking around independently became a challenge. Highly recommended by my doctor, I came to LVPEI along with my husband. Right from the security personnel to the patient care staff and the doctors, everybody has been extremely courteous and never made us feel that we are in a foreign land. All my fears and anxiety were put to rest by Dr Muralidhar Ramappa's assuring statement – 'You don't worry ma'am. We will take care of you.' And indeed, he did! Post the surgery I have regained functional vision in my right eye. It feels so good to see things clearly again.”

Maureen Chisenga
Malawi, Africa

(Ms Chisenga underwent anterior segment reconstruction combined with selective corneal replacement.This resulted in dramatic visual improvement in her vision and discomfort in the eye.)

Rizwana is no longer a burden to her family

SK Rizwana Begum was just 16 when she got married and lost her vision due to complications from an early pregnancy. Abandoned by her husband, she returned to her parental home. A community based rehabilitation program organized by LVPEI at her village in Kannuru, Krishna District, AP marked the beginning of her journey back to physical, social and economic rehabilitation. 
Thanks to the field service officer P Adilakshmi's persistent efforts, Rizwana's parents eventually agreed to her training in mobility and orientation, Braille, money identification and home management. She went on to clear her 10th grade exams, is now training on using low vision and assistive devices at LVPEI's Vijayawada campus, and has since joined Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. Rizwana is now determined to complete her education, secure a job for herself and support her family.