Thursday, 3 November 2016

Regaining lost confidence

When Salan Bage, 61, visited the OCL Eye Centre in Rajgangpur, Odisha for the first time, he was depressed and worried about his family's future. He owned a petty shop, was the sole earner for his family, but had developed optic atrophy (damage of optic nerves), which had resulted in irreversible vision loss.

Following a detailed eye examination, he was referred to the vision rehabilitation department at the centre. There he received training on daily living, mobility skills, and on how to use the money identifier. Thanks to this training, he is once again able to work in his shop along with his son. Confident of moving around independently with the help of his white cane, he came to the centre all by himself during his last follow-up visit. His regained confidence has also restored happiness in his life.       

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