Friday, 21 October 2016

TKCI gives confidence and hope to patients

For Ahmad Fady, 36, hailing from Kuwait, the past 6 years surely have been a tough ride. Worried with the sudden and frequent fluctuations in his eye power, he visited the ophthalmologists and was diagnosed with Keratoconus in 2011. He was advised to undergo a corneal transplant and as this procedure is only reserved for Kuwaitians, he had to travel to his native country Egypt for the treatment. After a detailed examination, corneal rings were implanted in both his eyes, following which his condition worsened further.

In 2014, Ahmad consulted a visiting Russian consultant in Dubai and was informed that the thickness of his cornea was reducing for which a corneal transplant needed to performed; but this would only stop the corneas from becoming thin and would not lead to any vision improvement. Disheartened, Ahmad decided against the surgery. But his wife was determined and after a series of tele - consultations with doctors in Spain, France, England and USA, short-listed USA for further treatment. It was then that one of their Indian friends suggested LVPEI. Ahmad did a quick internet search about the institute and dropped an email for which he received a prompt response. In February 2016, they made their first visit to LVPEI.  Dr Somasheila Murthy from TKCI at LVPEI assured them that they would be able to treat his keratoconus with an advanced corneal surgery called - Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty. In March 2016, Ahmad underwent DALK in his right eye and within a month was driving to work! In his recent visit to the institute, he also underwent a corneal transplant in his left eye. Very happy with the results, Ahmad says, “TKCI gives confidence and hope to so many patients; I have recommended it to all my friends in Kuwait and Egypt!”

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