Friday, 21 October 2016

Now in safe hands

Le Gia Quoc Anh, 16, hailing from Vietnam, started using contact lenses a year back to treat myopia. Initially, the lenses suited him good, but then suddenly after three months, he developed red eye. He was diagnosed with corneal ulcer and was given antibiotics. But the ulcer left behind  a corneal scar in his right eye. Eventually, he complained of blurred vision and was advised to undergo a corneal transplant.

Vietnam has very few Eye Banks and majorly imports corneal tissues from USA for performing corneal transplants. As a result the waiting period for these surgeries is approximately 3 weeks.
His mother’s friend, Dr Kahn, who is also their ophthalmologist, had done her cornea fellowship at LVPEI in 2007-8. At this juncture, taking into consideration the severity of the problem and the young age of Le Gia, they wanted only the best treatment for him. Dr Kahn had high regard for the specialized doctors at TKCI, LVPEI and strongly recommended consulting them. Their first visit to the institute was on 4 October 2016. After performing a detailed examination, a lamellar corneal transplant surgery has been planned under the skillful hands of Dr Prashant Garg. Le Gia will be undergoing a DALK (Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty) surgery as this will minimize the post surgery complications. TKCI is one of the few centres in the world to have the expertise of performing DALK surgery. The family is hopeful that the surgery will be a success and Le Gia will be able to see like before.


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