Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My son Jai

My son Jai was born in November 2015 in Delhi with left eye corneal opacity. A doctor referred us to LVPEI Hyderabad for a corneal transplant, the best place for small kids according to him.
At our first visit with Dr Pravin V Krishna, after a long day of tests, he told us that the chances were quite few in this particular case. Jai was having cold and cough so we returned to Delhi feeling hopeless. After a month, we went back for more tests and finally God listened to our prayers. All tests were clear and Dr Muralidhar Ramappa did the surgery in May 2016. He's the best doctor we have ever met - so polite, so gentle. Till date we have travelled to Hyderabad seven times and he has always helped in every possible way. The staff is very friendly and committed. The huge hospital is well maintained in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.
I'm also thankful to people who donate corneas. Because of them, Jai didn't have to wait for his surgery. Now he can see through both his eyes. I would advise parents to choose the best for their child - LVPEI Hyderabad. We don't need to tell them kids are a priority because they know it all. They have a separate level designed especially for kids. You can see kids from different parts of the world waiting here.
Thank you Dr Muralidhar Ramappa and LVPEI Hyderabad. Keep spreading smiles like this.
Grateful mom,
Dimpy Gupta

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