Friday, 21 October 2016

Little Najia will now be able to read to her heart’s content

Little Najia Safi, 9, from Afghanistan, wants to one day become a journalist, just like her father. On 5 October 2016, Dr Pravin Krishna Vaddavalli performed a corneal transplant on her right eye. Experiencing blurred vision earlier, she can now see clearly from her right eye.

Extremely fond of reading, even as we were interacting with her father, she was engrossed in going through the informative brochures that were handed over to them along with the patient file. She is a  brilliant student academically and her father is now happy that she will now be able to continue her studies.

When Najia was very young, she would constantly rub her eyes. The doctors there diagnosed it as a simple allergy, as her father also had the same problem. But the warning bells started ringing when one day she complained to her father that she was not able to copy the notes from the blackboard. Also they noticed that her left eye was turning gray and the eyeball looked protruded.

Owing to the lack of advanced medical technology in their country to treat such eye disorders, they were advised to consult the specialists in India. “I extensively researched about the various eye hospitals and was happy with what I read about TKCI at LVPEI. Despite the fact that Delhi would have been more economical for us, I decided to bring her to LVPEI in Hyderabad,” says her father, Mohd Safar Safi.  Najia will also be undergoing a surgery in her left eye after a few months.

“Our entire experience has been amazing. We will forever remember the affection that Dr Pravin has shown towards our little girl. Undoubtedly, he has now has become her favorite doctor,” says the delighted father.


  1. Thank again from LV Prasad officials and Doctors because now my daughter "Najia Safi" able to see everything from right eye and she feeling very happy so specially thanks again from Dr Parvin Krishna and Dr Pratik Gogroi

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  4. I am very happy and thanking deeply from the bottom of my heart to the Indian people for treating our afghan child as best as they could. It is really shows the brotherhood and friendship of both Nations (Afghanistan and India) Long life of Indian and afghan friendship.

  5. الله دي شفا ء کامله ورکړي