Friday, 16 September 2016

Arham won’t be ridiculed by his friends now

Arham Jain, 7, like any other child of his age, is very active and precocious. He was just 9 months old when his parents noticed that his eyeballs appeared crossed and he would constantly tilt his head to adjust his vision. The local doctors in their hometown Kekri, Rajasthan, were unable to manage the problem and suggested LVPEI Hyderabad where he was diagnosed with squint in both eyes. 

Within two days of his first consultation at LVPEI, a surgery was performed on 1 July 2016. “Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya explained in detail about the procedure and assured us that post the surgery at least 60% of the squint will be cured. But to our utter delight, under his skillful hands the surgery was 95% successful. Arham has even stopped tilting his head now. Thanks to Dr Kekunnaya, my son won’t be ridiculed by his friends now!” says Arham’s father Pramod Jain.

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