Friday, 8 July 2016

Triumphing a rare genetic condition

Pragati Gamkar, 16, from Bangalore, is a confident young girl. With vision only in one eye, she has been a patient at LVPEI for the last 13 years. At age 3, her right eye had begun bulging, with a trivial injury blinding it, leaving her with a prosthetic eye. A year later, she experienced decreased vision in the other eye. Unsatisfactory local treatment had the worried parents bring her to LVPEI Hyderabad, where she was diagnosed with 'Keratoglobus' - a rare genetic condition where progressive bulging of the cornea leads to poor vision that cannot be corrected with glasses and also leaves the cornea vulnerable to rupture even with the slightest of injury.

She underwent a corneal transplant in 2004, followed by a cataract surgery, and is now on follow-up care. “I am thankful to the Institute and especially to Dr Somasheila Murthy for saving my daughter from becoming completely blind,” says the grateful father, Mr Krishna Reddy. Pragathi, for her part, has scored 92 % in her 10th Grade examinations and is inspired to become a doctor.

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