Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Treating Corneal Infections in the Newborn

For Prachi and Naresh, the joy on the arrival of their new born was short lived when their consulting doctor in Nanded, Maharashtra, informed them that the severe redness in both the eyes of the baby was a sign of an infection that needed immediate attention. Heeding to his advice, Ishanvi was brought to LVPEI the very second day of her birth in September 2014. The corneas  in both her eyes were already perforated due to Pseudomonas infection– a fatal infection that spreads very rapidly damaging the corneas within few days. Glue plus bandage contact lens was applied to both her eyes to seal the perforation. She was also put on medication to completely curb the infection and then when she was 21-days old, a corneal transplantation was successfully performed in both her eyes by Dr Bhupesh Bagga.

When she turned one, she developed symptoms of dryness in her eyes. Tarsorrhaphy - a surgical procedure in which the eyelids are partially sewn together to narrow the opening and thus prevent the cornea from any further dryness an trauma was performed.

Ishanvi will soon be three and her parents are very satisfied with the treatment that she received at TKCI LVPEI. “Thanks to her treating doctor and the timely treatment, she can today walk around independently, identify colours and is as active as any other child of her age” said the proud parents during their recent follow up visit to the institute. Once she becomes a little older, the stitches on her eyelids will be removed and she will be prescribed glasses which her parents and doctors hope, will rectify her vision completely.

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