Friday, 8 July 2016

The school topper born 800 gm and with ROP

Spurred by an article by Dr Subhadra Jalali on timely checkup in 20-30 days of birth for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), baby Abdullah's family rushed the two-month old infant to LVPEI. He was born premature with a birth weight of just 800 gm. Retinal examination revealed bleeding inside the eyes along with retinal detachment. His left eye was in an advanced condition but there was slim hope of restoring vision in the right eye. 

Multiple laser surgeries later, for the extremely challenging case of “Stage 4A Plus ROP”, Abdullah's visual acuity improved to 20/125 with the help of glasses that he began using from age 5 months. Along with the expert medical treatment for ROP, the institute's Vision Rehabilitation team provided him with early intervention services to avoid developmental delay. They also pitched in with facilitating his admission to a mainstream school, training on using the telescope, magnifiers and voice activated aids for pursuing his academics.

Sure enough, Abdullah Abdul Karim has repaid his doctors, parents and teachers by making them extremely proud. He scored a spectacular 97% in his 12th Grade (science stream) examinations, making him the topper for P Obul Reddy Public School!

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