Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Tele Ophthalmology Helps Treat Corneal infection at TKCI

When the parents of little Sravani Marlapati, 7, hailing from Cherla in Khammam District, Telangana State, noticed a white layer in her left eye post an injury in April 2016 they immediately rushed to the LVPEI’s nearest secondary eye care centre in Paloncha, Khammam District – Nava Bharat Eye Centre. She was seen there by Dr Gurcharan Singh, the reporting doctor who diagnosed it as fungal infection of the cornea. Under the abled supervision of our doctors at Paloncha, the infection resolved over the next 4 weeks. However it left behind a significant corneal scar that obstructed her vision.

Dr Gurcharan Singh then decided to consult Dr Mukesh Taneja, one of the TKCI Cornea Specialists at KAR Campus, Hyderabad for further evaluation and management of the scar. With the help of the tele-ophthalmic robotic slit lamp - developed in-house, Dr Taneja sitting in Hyderabad performed a detailed slit lamp examination on Sravani who was there in the Paloncha Centre. Dr Taneja diagnosed this to be an anterior stromal scar and advised for Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplast (DALK) surgery. The surgery was performed on 27 May 2016. Post the surgery, all the follow up examinations are being performed through the tele ophthalmic slit lamp. With timely treatment, the corneal scar has been treated successfully, saving Sravani’s eye from going into amblyopia. Thanks to the Tele-ophthalmic slit lamp her parents do not have to travel to Hyderabad for frequent post-op examinations. This surely has saved the family the trouble of frequent visits and the travel expenses that they would have incurred there by.

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