Friday, 8 July 2016

Our daughter Sai Sumedha

Sumedha now
Sumedha at age 7 months 
Our daughter S Sai Sumedha, born in November 2000, seemed to be perfectly normal with all her milestones reached before time. At 6 months of age, a routine check-up by an ophthalmologist at Bijainagar, Ajmer district in Rajasthan, revealed congenital cataract in her right eye. He suggested surgery at age 3, and said vision may not be restored due to atrophy. We brought her to LVPEI Hyderabad where it was diagnosed as PHPV Cataract, requiring surgery to be done within 2nd month of birth. Our daughter was 7 months then but we took our chance. Lensectomy was conducted and we were assured of 80% vision restoration as the central part of the retina i.e. macula was not damaged. It was happy news for us.

Then began the most difficult part of parenting. We were advised to use contact lens in the right eye and do “patching” for the left eye for 50% of the waking hours of the baby, on a daily basis. Spectacles were prescribed for the left eye for myopia. We complied. At age 2.5, she underwent surgery for squint.  We put her in school and continued with the advice on patching and contact lens, later going to LVPEI Visakhapatnam for follow-up under Dr Merle Fernandes and Optometrist Rekha. At age 8.5 years, Dr Virender Sachdeva operated her to implant a lens. She later underwent squint surgery too and is now being treated for secondary glaucoma.

All through, we brought her up like a normal child, but what she has achieved is extraordinary; she has recently scored a perfect 10 CGPA in her 10th Grade! We feel indebted to the doctors and optometrists at LVPEI, especially to Dr Virender Sachdeva for responding to all our queries and worries even after his office hours.

Syam Sundar & Lalitha

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