Monday, 2 May 2016

Ghousial’s retinal detachment

A get together soured into a nightmare for 13 year old Ghousial Begum Hazrat when the ceiling fan came
crashing down, severely injuring her right eye. Emergency care with the pediatrician stemmed the bleeding and pain but she eventually developed vision loss that thwarted her progress in school. Worry about turning blind completely caused the family to try many hospitals in Hyderabad but the prohibitive fee was a deterrent. Someone recommended LVPEI where Dr Raja Narayanan diagnosed retinal detachment for which she underwent vitrectomy with silicone oil injection in October 2015.

Today, Ghousial has miraculously regained 60% of her vision. Her mother, a teacher and a single parent, and her uncle Mohd Quaneruddin, are hopeful of further progress once the silicone oil is removed from the eye. She is grateful to the treating doctor and to LVPEI for providing the treatment at an affordable cost.

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