Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Akhil overcomes his struggle with keratoconus

Akhil, 20, a college student from Vuyuru, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, came for a general check up two years ago to LVPEI’s KVC Campus, Vijayawada.  He was diagnosed with keratoconus in both his eyes - a condition affecting youngsters with a progressive bending and irregular protrusion of the cornea. It can only be treated with the use of special contact lenses, and in cases where the condition worsens; a surgery needs to be performed. Mr Satish Mogili, Contact Lens Consultant, prescribed him with special contact lenses to restore his vision. Vision in his right eye continued to deteriorate and a surgery was performed to slow down the progression of his eye condition. This involved detailed follow-up and repeated trial sessions for special contact lenses. The family today is overjoyed with the results. With vision restored in both his eyes, his mother is happy that now he will no longer have to wear spectacles that are cosmetically not very appealing.

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