Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Akhil overcomes his struggle with keratoconus

Akhil, 20, a college student from Vuyuru, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, came for a general check up two years ago to LVPEI’s KVC Campus, Vijayawada.  He was diagnosed with keratoconus in both his eyes - a condition affecting youngsters with a progressive bending and irregular protrusion of the cornea. It can only be treated with the use of special contact lenses, and in cases where the condition worsens; a surgery needs to be performed. Mr Satish Mogili, Contact Lens Consultant, prescribed him with special contact lenses to restore his vision. Vision in his right eye continued to deteriorate and a surgery was performed to slow down the progression of his eye condition. This involved detailed follow-up and repeated trial sessions for special contact lenses. The family today is overjoyed with the results. With vision restored in both his eyes, his mother is happy that now he will no longer have to wear spectacles that are cosmetically not very appealing.

Ensnaring Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

When little Vedant Balasaheb Darade hailing from Latur was in preparatory school, he developed severe body rashes all over his body, referred to as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, resulting from a medication that was given to him for fever. This damaged his cornea and fused his melted eyelids. When local doctors failed to treat the problem, he was advised to seek treatment at LVPEI, Hyderabad. Dr Bhupesh Bagga reassured the parents that there was still hope and all vision was not lost. A two-step surgical treatment to first cover the cornea with amniotic membrane was followed up a couple of months later by mucous membrane graft, where the inner skin from the lower lip was tacked onto the inner eyelids to allow the eyes to open and shut smoothly. 

Six months later when Vedant came for a follow up check with vision restored in both his eyes, it was a sight to see him running across the corridors, singing rhymes and reading numbers and alphabets on his father’s mobile. “I have seen God in the form of Dr Bhupesh Bagga. With my son’s vision restored I am relieved now and hopeful of a bright future for him. Owing to my financial condition, the surgery was provided free of cost. I wonder what we would have done, if LVPEI was not there for us,” says the teary eyed father Mr Balasaheb Darade.

A new lease of life

When 26 year old Rahul Jinwal from Mumbai was sleeping near the main doorway of his house in October 2013, a berserk individual sneaked up on him and poured acid into his nose and eyes. This bizarre incident left him with vision loss in both his eyes. For Rahul who used to work as a bodyguard and bouncer, life changed overnight. With his dreams shattered, it was only the loving support of his parents and sisters kept his devastating thoughts at bay.

The positive turning point in his life was when he met Dr Virender Sangwan from LVPEI, Hyderabad. He assured him that all was not lost and convinced him to undergo Boston Keratoprosthesis surgery to restore some vision in his one eye. Rahul also recalls with fondness the convivial relationship he had with his “God-like” surgeon Dr Bhupesh Bagga, whose surgical hands gave him back that promised vision. Assisted with his mother, Rahul is now able to walk short distances, use his mobile and also socialize with his neighbours. Through an informal patient support group, as a role model patient he is also providing support to other victims of acid attack.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Achanna’s new lease of life

Gaddula Achanna, 70, a farmer and father of five daughters is from a remote village in Chagulla district, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. He had developed a small, gradually progressing, white nodule on his right eye. Poverty and geographical remoteness delayed the seeking of care. When the right eye mass became huge and started protruding out of his eye, causing pain and discharge, he went to Smt Rajeswari Ramakrishnan Lions Eye Hospital at Nidadavole who referred him to LVPEI Vijayawada where Dr Anasua Ganguly diagnosed ocular surface tumor that had spread into the orbit.

Orbital exenteration surgery was done to remove the entire tumor to save his life. A complete systemic screening ruled out spread of the tumor to his body. Finally on histopathology it turned out to be a rare case of mucoepidermoid carcinoma conjunctiva spreading to the orbit. The old man was awestruck to have got back a new lease of life. He was immensely grateful to LVPEI’s “God-like” doctor and staff for alleviating his guilt of having his daughters pitch in to earn for the family.

Dispelling the darkness for Suryanarayana

“A little accident caused a glass piece of my spectacles to pierce my eye. After that I could not see. The pain was terrible. A local hospital could not help. But in the five months that I have been treated at LVPEI Vijayawada, I have undergone two surgeries under Dr Vishal Rawal and have miraculously regained my lost vision!” says Mopidevi Veera Venkata Suryanarayana of Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh.

Suryanarayana runs a transport company, which he now manages with the support of his wife and three children. With Dispelling the darkness for Suryanarayana the depression of vision loss due to a damaged retina now firmly behind him, he looks forward to an active life and remains grateful to Dr Rawal and LVPEI.

Ghousial’s retinal detachment

A get together soured into a nightmare for 13 year old Ghousial Begum Hazrat when the ceiling fan came
crashing down, severely injuring her right eye. Emergency care with the pediatrician stemmed the bleeding and pain but she eventually developed vision loss that thwarted her progress in school. Worry about turning blind completely caused the family to try many hospitals in Hyderabad but the prohibitive fee was a deterrent. Someone recommended LVPEI where Dr Raja Narayanan diagnosed retinal detachment for which she underwent vitrectomy with silicone oil injection in October 2015.

Today, Ghousial has miraculously regained 60% of her vision. Her mother, a teacher and a single parent, and her uncle Mohd Quaneruddin, are hopeful of further progress once the silicone oil is removed from the eye. She is grateful to the treating doctor and to LVPEI for providing the treatment at an affordable cost.