Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Overcoming the challenges of a Corneal Transplantation

Konala Bhaskar Rao, 41, agricultural labourer from a remote village of Kapileswarapuram on the banks of the Godavari, Andhra Pradesh sustained injuries in his left eye while working in his field. This resulted in corneal ulcer for which he underwent a corneal transplantation at LVPEI’s KVC Campus, Vijayawada. Despite the day-to-day difficulties he faced in carrying out his daily work, and travelling 250 kilometers for the frequent follow up visits to the hospital and the medication, he and his family bravely overcame all the challenges that a patient of corneal transplantation faces. When he was indisposed, his wife took charge of taking care of the family. With regular checkups and nearly 20 follow up visits spanning over one and half years, difficulties of maintaining a graft and a subsequent cataract surgery, today his vision is completely restored. Now he is able to confidently carry out all his work and take care of his family. 

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