Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Life has Changed

More than twenty years ago, Jan Ros was in an accident at his own factory. A composite pipe exploded and some chemicals landed in his eyes. He felt as if his eyes were burning and there was an intense pain in them. His eyes could not stand light anymore, and from that moment, no matter what time of the day, he always had to wear sunglasses everywhere he went. And even then, with sunglasses on and with his hands covering his eyes, there was still the immense pain when light shone into his eyes. He went to a hospital in the Netherlands, but the doctors did not know how to deal with his problem. They gave him eye drops and some treatment but it did not help.

Seven years later, he had another accident. While playing with two young children, one of them accidently stabbed him in the left eye with his pen. Jan’s cornea split, and because his cornea was already unhealthy because of the chemical injury seven years earlier, the doctors in the Netherlands told him that there was nothing they could do for him. He went online, found a hospital in London that could repair his cornea using stem cell therapy, but had to wait for a whole year as there was a waiting list. Meanwhile, his vision remained very low and even everyday simple tasks were a huge challenge. After waiting for a year the doctors still could not help him. A disappointed Jan went searching on the internet again. This time he found LVPEI.
He emailed LVPEI photos of his eye was not expecting anything much, but Dr Sangwan replied, saying that Jan had to come to Hyderabad for evaluation. This was enough reason for Jan to go on a 10-hour flight all the way to Hyderabad. Jan did not know anything about the procedures in India, nor did he know Dr Sangwan. However, after the clear information Dr Sangwan gave him, he was so confident in Dr Sangwan’s ability that he decided to get his operation done at LVPEI. Instead of a year long waiting list, his eye could be operated the same week. The surgery succeeded and Jan had his vision back. For the first time in twelve years he was able to have eye contact with people, without wearing sunglasses. And because he had always been wearing sunglasses for the last twelve years, his friends did not even recognize him when he came back without his sunglasses!

Even now, for his check-ups he still comes all the way to Hyderabad. The good services, the friendly people and knowledgable doctors always make him return to LVPEI!

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  1. Worthy of the confidence reposed by the patients.
    I recollect the case of my own niece who was doing a short training in Hyderabad but developed some eye problem which almost sent the parents flying down from Amritsar in North (almost 2000 kms away) when I got in touch with Dr Sangwan who not only assured me but also treated my niece successfully. Thus my niece who was at the verge of quitting her training with TCS & hence the career, was again back to her office and is now perusing her job satisfactorily all thanks to Dr Sangwan.