Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel

In Kamalapuram village of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh lives 24 year old Thenneru Rajesh; who on the one hand, has to deal with a problematic skin disease and on the other hand, deals with loss of vision. Born with a skin disease called Xeroderma pigmentosa, his skin had become thickened and marbled and he could not bear to go out even in mild sunlight.

Rajesh, an unfortunate victim of this intractable genetic disease, had to forego schooling. His father Aandaala Rao, helpless seeing the plight of his son, tried all the available remedies that was suggested to him including local herbal remedies. Aandaala Rao had to face many financial hardships for his son’s treatment. However Rajesh’s condition worsened and he lost his vision in the interim. Rajesh found it difficult to even work in the fields along with his father because of his vision.

Just as life’s troubles were becoming unbearable for Rajesh, help arrived. A relative working in a private hospital in Vijayawada came to know of LVPEI’s Kode Venkatadri Chowdary campus and advised him to consult the eye specialists there. Dr Mahesh Kalyankar, who first examined Rajesh in November 2014, vowed to restore at least some of the vision that Rajesh had lost. After a corneal transplantation in his right eye, Rajesh’s joy knew no bounds. He got back some of his lost vision. His father takes a lot of pride in watching over Rajesh as he is being prepared for his left eye surgery soon.

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