Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A delightful return of vision

Sheikh Abdul Hameed was compelled to seek voluntary retirement from his job at a dairy factory, owing to his failing vision. After a local doctor in Kurnool referred him to LVPEI, he underwent glaucoma surgery in his left eye that allowed for the restoration of some vision, and diligently sought follow up care with Dr Anil Mandal for nearly a decade. Unfortunately in September 2014, his only seeing eye was hit by a stone as he was watching some children at play. The injury led to infection and cataract (loss of transparency in the eye lens) and he had to be operated upon for cataract removal. Dr Mandal also referred him to Dr Muralidhar Ramappa to see if anything could be done about his right eye that had developed a white opacity for over 10 years.

Dr Ramappa performed two surgeries to Hameed’s right eye; corneal replacement and cataract removal respectively. To Hameed and his wife’s sheer delight, vision was indeed restored in his right eye. Hameed is thrilled to be able to lead an independent life in his autumn years, even as he wonders as to his premature decision to seek voluntary retirement, losing 11 earning years!

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