Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The positive change in Anuradha

Anuradha Mandal, 8, from Kolkata, is a normal, inquisitive child and a source of joy and pride for her parents. “She was not always like this. She was a shy child, prone to anger and irritation. She was a preterm baby with low birth weight and was operated for cataract in both eyes at 6 months of age. Things were not easy for her. She would read and watch TV from up very close, a problem that persisted even after an Intraocular Lens was implanted at age 5. She then developed a squint that doctors in Kolkata said could be operated upon only after she turned 16. Thankfully, her pediatrician recommended LVPEI,” says her mother.

In January 2015, at age 7, Anuradha underwent surgery for squint correction under Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya and she is a transformed child now. “Our neighbours and friends tell us they can see a positive change in her now. I would advice other parents who face similar problems to consult at LVPEI without waste of time, no matter which part of the world they need to travel here from!” says the delighted father.

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