Thursday, 10 March 2016

Solace from unbearable pain and bonus of vision restored

An unsuccessful cataract surgery in the right eye three years back, resulted in unbearable pain and vision loss for 55 year old Jahera Bee from Bellary, Karnataka. “The doctors I consulted told me that my case was very complicated and nothing could be done. The only solution was to remove my eye and replace it with a prosthetic eye but I was not convinced and did not heed their advice. My hope was rewarded when I consulted Dr C Jagadesh Reddy at LVPEI. He assured me that the pain would surely go and he would also try to restore my vision, and it did! Now I can see, and move around independently. I strongly recommend LVPEI to others who face a similar problem. I would also like to be associated with LVPEI as a volunteer,” says a grateful Jahera Bee.

Jahera Bee had a disorganized anterior segment of the eye with chronic edematous cornea, for which keratoplasty was done in February 2016 by Dr Reddy.

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