Thursday, 10 March 2016

From Hyderabad, Pakistan to Hyderabad, India

Mohammad Bilal a 23 year old student from Hyderabad in Pakistan, was examining an opened inverter with a candle in hand, totally ignorant to the danger involved, when the unforeseen happened. He sustained severe burn injuries in his right eye and was rushed for emergency medical assistance. In the hope of receiving the best of medical care, he was brought to Islamabad and then to Karachi.

“The doctors I consulted said that 90% of my vision was already lost. The surgery they suggested was very expensive and the chances of success were remote. I posted my case online and received several responses from doctors all over the world. I felt most comfortable interacting with Dr Neera Agarwal in Delhi, India (Neera Agarwal is an Cornea alumnus from LVPEI, trained here more than 20 years ago!) who informed me about limbal stem cell surgery and its success in restoring vision. I came down to India and was operated by her. Post surgery, as she was not very happy with the improvement in my vision, the doctor referred me to Dr Virender S Sangwan at LVPEI, Hyderabad,” recalls Bilal. In early 2015, he underwent another limbal stem cell surgery performed by Dr Sangwan and in February 2016, on a follow up visit, he was delighted that 45% of his vision was restored.

Bilal is currently doing his engineering and aspires to do an MBA. “Earlier my eyelids would stick to each other, but now I can open them properly. Though a little apprehensive in the beginning about coming to India, my family and I are now very happy with the quality of service and care we received here,” says the delighted Bilal!

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