Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Controlling hemophilia to save vision

Krishna, 25, from a humble family in Madhya Pradesh has an MBA in Finance. His preparation for a banking career suffered a blow due to eye injury and subsequent vision loss. Krishna has hemophilia, a rare genetic disorder in which the blood does not clot and results in excessive bleeding. At LVPEI, a team effort by his doctors first focused on controlling his hemophilia before treating him - completely free of cost. From Dr Archana Bhargava's persistent efforts to convince the Delhi Hemophilia Society to provide the expensive Factor VIII injections to Krishna free of cost, to Dr Pavan Karla's diligence in administering these injections twice daily for seven days at 2pm and 2am, and to Dr Bhupesh Bagga's skill in performing the Hyphema drainage surgery early in February, everything went like clockwork.

“I came to LVPEI with high expectations and it has lived up to its reputation. The pain has subsided drastically; my vision is still blurred but I have been told further course of treatment will be planned. I am hopeful the doctors save my vision and I can resume my preparation for bank exams,” says a grateful Krishna.

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