Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Shivram's year-long journey from darkness to light

Shivram Mahato of Madhubani in Bihar lost his right eye to insect injury in 2004. Eight years later, an unfortunate brush with a buffalo's tail caused a painful infection in his left eye rendering him sightless. Eye doctors in Darbhanga and Nepal could not help and he remained sightless for a year. A fellow villager working as a cook in Hyderabad told Shivram about LVPEI and soon enough, Ashindar - his son - brought Shivram over.

Shivram was treated free of cost under Dr Bhupesh Bagga; the father and son deciding to stay
on in Hyderabad for the year's length of the treatment – at the cost of Ashindar's job as also separation from the rest of the family. Shivram underwent a transplant in his left eye with human donor cornea tissue replacing his infected cornea. A repeat corneal transplant was done 8 months later, using a more transparent cornea to improve his vision – the procedure called optical penetrating keratoplasty. Dr Bagga simultaneously performed a cataract removal surgery to replace Shivram's eye lens that had turned opaque soon after the injury. 

Shivram joyously recalls the moment of wonderment when his vision was restored. Soon, he was walking around independently and relying less on his son. The father-son duo is of course immensely grateful to their Doctor-God.

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