Friday, 8 January 2016

Family Responsibility

Five-year old Balagani Naga Ganesh Deepak of Vadlamudi village had bluish eyes at birth that was diagnosed as Congenital Hereditary Endothelial Dystrophy (defective endothelial cells of the cornea) along with congenital glaucoma (high eye pressure) by Dr Pradeep Kumar at LVPEI Vijayawada. The bluish tinge remained unresolved even after glaucoma surgery so he was referred to the Hyderabad campus where Dr Jagadesh Reddy performed corneal transplantation, replacing the cloudy cornea with transparent donor corneas, first in the right eye and then the left eye. Later, Dr Preeti Chhablani operated on both his eyes to remove cataract.

The multiple surgeries have instilled a sense of responsibility in the young boy and his family. Both his grandmothers are proud of the boy's keenness to complete his school work before play every evening. The family for their part has been very vigilant about the congenital and hereditary eye disease. Naga Ganesh's younger brother was spared but his little cousin hasn't been so lucky and the grandmother brings him to LVPEI for periodic examination and treatment.

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