Thursday, 10 September 2015

Dry eye disease at menopause

Like several other menopausal women, Mrs Pithani Bhavani, 50, preferred hormonal treatment as she feared surgical removal of her uterus. The hormonal treatment alleviated her symptoms for 2 years but also triggered severe dryness in her eyes, causing discomfort, sensitivity to daylight and tears not forming even when she cried. For over 6 years, she lived in fear of losing her vision, not knowing that her hormonal treatment was the cause of her problem. A chance eye examination by an eye doctor who was treating her mother-in-law led to her being diagnosed with 'Dry Eye'.

She visited LVPEI Hyderabad in 2008 where Dr Muralidhar Ramappa gave her reassurance, along with treatment.

Dr Ramappa is appreciative of her discipline in taking her medication that has resulted in alleviation of her problem in just a year. Six years on, Bhavani has many reasons to be happy; she has become a grandmother in the interim, can go out in the sun, and can even shed tears! She is grateful to Dr Ramappa whom she refers to as mahanubhava (great or noble person).

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