Thursday, 10 September 2015

70% vision restored, along with confidence

Yousuf Darwish from Oman was an accident investigation supervisor at a government company that made buses. When he lost his vision due to retinal detachment, the hospitals in Oman told him nothing could be done. He travelled to LVPEI in India and consulted Dr Vivek Dave who recommended surgery. Mr Darwish put his “complete faith in the omniscient Khidmat and His Own Representative, Dr Dave.” Three months on now, he reports 70% of his earlier vision restored, graciously extends good wishes to the staff and team of doctors, and is eager for the surgery to his other eye too. He gratefully recalls how the Institute's translator Mr Maqsud had communicated with the patient's brother and daughter on WhatsApp to reassure them of Mr Darwish's wellbeing.

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