Thursday, 6 August 2015

Shantanu’s troublesome dermoid

A limbal dermoid is a tiny skin coloured mass projecting from the junction of the white eye ball and black part of the eye. The abnormality appears at birth mostly in one eye but it may involve the second eye too in a third of children. It may lead to decreased vision for the child and be a cosmetic issue.

Shantanu Ghosh from Durgapur in West Bengal grew increasingly conscious of the limbal dermoid in his left eye when his classmates started teasing him. His parents Sutapa and Narayan Ghosh took him to Dr Ganguly, a former consultant with LVPEI, who referred Shantanu to Dr Muralidhar Ramappa at LVPEI Hyderabad. Dr Ramappa performed lamellar keratoplasty, extracted the limbal mass and transplanted a partial human donor cornea tissue to cover the wound. A year later, all sutures were removed.

Shantanu, who studies in Grade 4, has recovered well from the eye surgery, can close that eye completely now and has started wearing spectacles. He responds thoughtfully to say, “I felt no pain; it felt as if the stitches came out by themselves.” 

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