Thursday, 6 August 2015

Recovering vision from acid burns

Ramanand Prasad Yadav worked at a glass factory in New Delhi. He toiled hard to earn enough for his large family of wife, four sons, a daughter, his parents, and his three brothers too, bearing the brunt of a family split over ancestral property. But in March 2015 all that changed when he was assaulted one night with acid by a group of ten men while going to his hometown in Bihar. Not only was he robbed of the Rs 3000 that he had on him, but he was also left there by the roadside, writhing in pain all night. In the months that followed, his brother stood in for him at work while his father escorted him from one hospital to another in Muzzafarpur and other towns along the India-Nepal border. A neighbour, who was a vegetable vendor, recommended LVPEI as he had undergone a surgery there.
At LVPEI, Dr Bhupesh Bagga and his team performed cornea transplantation surgery in Ramanand’s right eye using Aurokeratoprosthesis - an advanced procedure by which donor cornea is implanted and held in place by a tubular device connecting the front and back of the eye - after first separating the eye lids by the Ankyloblepharon release procedure. With this Ramanand will have sufficient vision restored in his right eye to function independently at home. Ramanand is grateful to Dr Bagga for achieving something which many other doctors could not, even as he worries that his wife eat a decent meal, his daughter study further beyond matriculation, and that his left eye be fitted with a prosthetic eye.

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