Monday, 6 July 2015

Vision Restored, Life Restored

N Manohar Reddy of Madanapalle in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, had developed an eye problem when in Class 7 that had left him blind and dependent on family members. He remembers the severe skin rash and clouded vision he had due to “wrong treatment” for an eye infection. After 15 years of living a compromised life, he was referred to LVPEI Hyderabad and arrived here with much hope, accompanied by his wife Shobha Rani. 

Dr Virender Sangwan implanted the LVP Keratoprosthesis in one eye in early 2015, and transformed the couple's outlook to life forever. Shobha proudly narrates how Manohar can now see up to nearly 10 metres with the operated eye and so can go out to grow tomatoes in the farm, and even see mobile phone numbers up close. For the first time, the couple has a hope of earning to sustain the education expense of their two schoolgoing sons, and to look forward to life in general.

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