Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The humble eye patch and glasses

When Baby Satya Deekshitha was 5 months old, her mother noticed that the black coloured part of one eye was smaller in dimension, a condition called microcornea. She was myopic, requiring thick eyeglasses, and soon developed a squint too. 

Ever since, her family religiously follows the eye patch and eye glasses regimen suggested by Dr Preeti Chhablani, and the now 2 year old Deekshitha is so used to the regimen that she even reminds her mother to put on the eye patch for her for the recommended one hour of waking activity. The diligence has paid off as the little girl's eyes appear aligned now as the eye muscles have been strengthened and there is no squint. Her vision too has improved, which means her glasses are thinner. 

Deekshita's mother is delighted to see her baby call up her grandparents on the phone, play piquant tricks on her family and dance energetically to music she selects from the television, laptop and mobile. 

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