Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Apple of Their Eye

Vinita and Lalit Kumar Saxena, parents of little Shevya bitterly rue the delay in taking their child to an eye doctor as they were not aware that the child’s squinting or shining glow were symptoms of retinoblastoma, an eye cancer in very young children. A local eye doctor even suggested the child would outgrow the squint. By the time they arrived at LVPEI in November 2014, the cancer had taken its toll on the left eye but was in its early stage in the right eye. It was necessary to remove the left eye of the child to save her life, and she was started on chemotherapy to save the right eye. 

After 6 months of anti-cancer treatment, Shevya continues to be her bubbly and playful self with good vision in the right eye. She is now 15 months of age, bravely complying with the chemotherapy injections, and playing with her brother as she awaits her appointment. Her family is grateful for the guidance and treatment given by Dr Swathi Kaliki that has saved her life, eye, and vision. The Saxenas are determined to spread awareness about retinoblastoma so that no other child loses an eye or life to the disease due to ignorance or delay in treatment.

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