Thursday, 21 May 2015

A chance to relook at life

Swarnakumari Gangadhara, who hails from a small village in Karimnagar district, tells us of the time when she suddenly developed white opacity in her right eye in 2007. After several visits to local doctors, and worried about her deteriorating vision, she came to LVPEI where she was told that she would have to undergo a corneal transplantation. She recalls her anxiety about undergoing the surgery despite her father's and husband's support and encouragement. 

Dr Muralidhar  Rammappa's reassurance gave her the confidence to move ahead and she underwent two corneal transplantations in that year. Swarnakumari has since continued with her studies. She is now holding a job too and is buoyed by her chance to relook at life. She is grateful to the doctor and the hospital, and mentions that her brothers were so touched by the transformation they saw in her that they have pledged their eyes.

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