Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Congenital glaucoma, accident prone but undeterred

Kolusu Nagasai, 9, has undergone more eye surgeries than he can count on his fingers and toes. Born in Kuchipudi with congenital glaucoma, he was referred to LVPEI Hyderabad. His mother Padmavathi recalls Dr Pravin Krishna Vaddavalli's prompt and empathetic help in making several critical decisions over telephone, even when they called at odd hours and from other hospitals. At age 1 Nagasai fell from a height; at age 5 he fell atop an elevator on walking through its faulty door; infection set in following keratoprosthesis eye surgery (performed using a tubular tooth to connect the front of the eye to the screen at the back); A cot resting against a wall fell upon him; and most recently, he woke up to declare petrified that he could not see at all - oil had leaked from his only seeing right eye. 

Dr Rajeev Reddy Pappuru injected oil to attach the retina in place, Dr Mukesh Taneja applied tissue adhesive, Dr Somasheila Murthy performed the most recent corneal transplant surgery, and Dr Sirisha Senthil partnered with the cornea surgeons to control the eye pressure in secondary glaucoma. Padmavathi is very grateful for all the support with all the doctors coming together to protect her son's vision. She and her husband remain unshaken in their spirit as they wait year after year for improvement in their precocious son's vision. Nagasai for his part prepares for his 2nd class examinations, buoyed with his improvement to finger-counting vision.

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