Saturday, 3 January 2015

So the paper flower can bloom

Little Um Lylas (Paper Flower), with support from the Sultanate of Oman, has been traveling every 3 weeks for over one and a half years now to LVPEI Hyderabad in India to receive treatment for retinoblastoma, an eye cancer that can be fatal if left untreated. Parents Muna Kamees and Ahmed Sultan Al-Rawahi say the only noticeable symptom had been redness and excessive tearing in both her eyes at 7 months of age. No one in the family had suffered from anything like this. 

Um Lylas has undergone 12 cycles of chemotherapy (2 sessions, 6 cycles each) and is now receiving Transpupillary Thermotherapy or TTT laser. On her last visit to the hospital in December 2014, Dr Swathi Kaliki, Consultant and Eye Cancer Specialist, was happy to share that the retinoblastoma had regressed but they would have to wait and watch for any improvement in the child’s vision. Muna Kamees is relieved that her daughter is finally on the road to recovery and a possible normal life can be looked forward to for her.

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