Saturday, 3 January 2015

Of never losing hope

P Thrisha, 9, daughter of daily wage workers, presented at LVPEI Vijayawada 2 years ago with poor vision in both eyes since birth. She had vision of only light perception with inaccurate projection of rays in the right eye and could appreciate hand movements close to her face in her left eye. Along with total cataract in both the eyes, she had inoperable retinal detachment in the right eye. 

Under very guarded visual prognosis, cataract surgery improved her vision to 20/500 in 2 months, which was not a great visual outcome, so she was referred to the Center for Sight Enhancement (CSE). On assessment, her distance vision improved to 20/80 with a handheld telescope and N18 with a stand magnifier. Considering the family’s underprivileged and illiterate background, Dr Niranjan Pehere was thrilled to hear from the father during the 14 November Children’s Day Support Group Meet that the girl was not only optimally utilizing the low vision devices but actually doing well in school now that her interest in academics had perked with better vision. He hopes other families can be inspired to make the best use of LVPEI’s services and never lose hope.

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