Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Saving the cancerous eyes of their little one

Little Saim Khalid, a one and a half year old child from Lahore in Pakistan had retinoblastoma, an eye cancer. He would have lost both eyes had his mother not brought him to Dr Swathi Kaliki at LVPEI who administered laser transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT) to Saim. 

At 6 months, baby Saim had been diagnosed with eye cancer and referred to an oncologist for chemotherapy. After an agonizing six months, the parents were told that the cancer was not responding to treatment and both the eyes would have to be removed to save the child’s life. Frantic enquiries by the mother then led the Abu-Dhabi based father to arrange for their travel to India. 

On their third trip in less than 4 months, Saim’s parents have been courageously facing visa delay problems, cash crunch, job insecurity and over an year’s separation from their two older children left behind with family in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). But the grateful couple is willing to continue to travel to LVPEI to complete the full course of Little Saim’s treatment.

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