Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fuchs’ Dystrophy - My disease, my friend - a poem by Madhura Sengupta

Dear Dr Somasheila,
I sincerely thank you for your precious advice which has given me the relief and much needed confidence to cope with my problem in a city where the number of people who have the patience to hear your troubles is noticeably decreasing. The moment I saw you I was touched by the empathy you have for your patients, which no doubt extends much beyond. With you as my doctor I hope I can manage without an eye transplant for some more years. The day I returned to Calcutta after consulting with you, I wrote down my thoughts about my disease:

Fuchs’ Dystrophy - My disease, my friend
Madhura Sengupta

You came to me,
You stayed with me,
Have been with me
For years silently.

You sat on my eyes,
Never gave me a chance
To see you or know you  
But couldn’t hide for long
Or live a life forlorn;
You made your presence felt,
My eyes smarted and wept,
They turned red and even bled.

Good way to grab attention!
Went on to blur my vision,
You’ll rest on my eyes be sure.
Your place here is secure.

I give you word of honor
I won’t seek eyes from a donor;
This promise isn’t fake,
It’s no sacrifice I make.
I openly admit
From you I benefit.

They call you a disease,
But I can say with ease,
Though my eyes you do weaken,
My mind you enlighten.
You are helping me see life,
In a wholly different light.

Days unpleasantly glare,
Nights comforting n fair,
All objects seem so dull
Pale and unreal,
Only, shadows look real.
That dark could be so pleasant
I never knew before,
Death would surely stay a friend
Ever, evermore.....

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