Thursday, 11 September 2014

The acid attack now firmly behind her

Soniya Kishanlal is a young woman from Punjab. On her first visit to LVPEI in May 2014, she underwent eyelid surgery performed by Dr Tarjani Dave and her team to separate her eyelids that had fused after acid was thrown on her face by an irate neighbor over an argument in August 2013. She underwent a second surgery in June 2014 by Dr Sayan Basu and his team for an Auro Kpro, a corneal prosthesis used to replace a small, round portion of the patient's damaged cornea.

Soniya today is a transformed woman; a far cry from the tantrum-throwing, haunted woman constantly wailing about her loss. Today she acknowledges that she is lucky. With vision restored a little in her left eye, hope has stirred once again of a new future with her ever attentive and affectionate husband Kishanlal whom she is now able to see again. She is grateful for that and very thankful to her doctors at LVPEI.

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