Thursday, 11 September 2014

Baby's squint surgery and a family wedding

Lingineni Renu Sai Sreya was a 15 month old baby with squint since birth. The family being residents of London took the baby to a famed medical centre there but not much could be gained as the child was uncooperative and they were repeatedly asked to come back for another visit. The family communicated with Dr Niranjan Pehere at the Kode Venkatadri Chowdary Campus in Vijayawada through email, to discuss their fears about the child developing lazy eye, and then decided to come over to the centre during their visit for a family wedding.  

Though the baby was uncooperative at first visit, the experience team at the David Brown Children's Eye Care Centre managed to get reasonably reliable measurements of squint and even posted the child for surgery. The outcome of the surgery at first post-op were excellent and the family were able to happily go back to participate in their family wedding. The baby's mother in particular was amazed that the problem which was dragging on back home in London was resolved so quickly during a visit to their hometown in India!

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