Monday, 9 June 2014

Naga Chaitanya treated for Retinoblastoma

Sheri Naga Chaitanya from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, was observed to have a white reflex in the left eye when he was four months old. A local private hospital advised the child to be taken to either Madurai or Hyderabad. With fear and trepidation, the parents made their way to LVPEI in Hyderabad. A preliminary examination on 20 June 2012 revealed that the right eye was fixing light while the left eye was not. An EUA (Examination under anesthesia) was then performed. Even though the right eye was fixing, Retinoblastoma was observed in both the eyes. 

To the right eye, Focal treatment (Transpupillary thermo therapy) under anesthesia was given. Also six cycles of systemic chemotherapy was given with each cycle lasting for two days and each cycle spaced 3 weeks apart. Thanks to the treatment, the tumor in the right eye completely regressed at the end of six cycles. In the left eye where tumour recurrence was noticed on 9 October 2013 focal therapy was given. The parents continue to bring the child to the hospital once in six weeks as part of the ongoing treatment. The parents are happy with the treatment and are extremely grateful to LVPEI's ocular oncology team for providing the treatment free of cost and giving a new lease of life to their little child.

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