Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Relieved of squint, Kumara Swamy leads a dignified life

Pasunuri Kumara Swamy, from Thimmapuram village, Hanamkonda mandal, Warangal district, had squint (strabismus) in one eye from childhood. His parents felt that the squint augured well for him - conditioned by the popular superstition that squint or mellakannu (in Telugu) brought good luck.
Kumara Swamy was able to continue with his studies and other activities, but as he grew older, the squint became more pronounced. The village folk teased and ridiculed him; he even had difficulty finding a girl to marry. His self confidence suffered and he developed a diffident attitude. Additionally, he developed a problem of being unable to see with the other eye. He visited the local hospital and was prescribed glasses. As he went to purchase the glasses, one of his friends advised him to go to LVPEI in Hyderabad. 
At LVPEI, after examining his eyes, Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya operated on both his eyes. With one eye operated for squint, and the other eye for cataract, Kumara Swamy is relieved of the problem and is a different person now. Post the surgery, life has changed completely for him. He is a happy and confident man now. He is no longer the butt of  ridicule from his colleagues and friends, and is leading a dignified life.

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