Thursday, 6 March 2014

Uma Mahesh: Neuro-ophthalmology Intervention

GK Uma Mahesh, 21, the only son of Mr K Swamy, a pan shop owner from Vadada village, Vizianagaram district, met with a tragic accident in June 2013 causing carotico-cavernous fistula (an abnormal communication between the blood vessels of the brain and the eye).

On examination at the GMR Varalakshmi Campus at Visakhapatnam by Neuro-ophthalmologist. Dr Virender Sachdeva, he was found to have only perception of light in both eyes and a bilateral diffuse ophthalmoplegia (limitation of movements), besides difficulty in closing the right eye leading to dryness of the cornea in that eye. The diagnosis was bilateral traumatic optic neuropathy and facial nerve paralysis.

                        Patient Uma Mahesh standing third from the left

He was treated with high dose steroid, tarsorraphy (a procedure to close the eyelids), and eye drops for lubrication. The timely intervention led to gradual improvement - near normal visual acuity in both eyes and complete recovery of eye movements.Mr Swamy is a much relieved man today. Uma Mahesh continues to be monitored by the neuro-ophthalmology and rehabilitation departments at LVPEI, but is able to manage his life independently, read and work again.

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