Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sharanappa able to see better

Seven year old Sharanappa had whitish cloudiness in both his eyes which was diagnosed as cataract. His grandfather Narsappa said that the child held his head at an angle and often had to stare to focus on objects. He had even developed a slight squint. As Sharanappa's vision was rapidly diminishing, he was brought to LVPEI.

                               Before the Surgery       
                                After the Surgery
Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya performed the surgeries on each eye separately, under anesthesia, in January 2014; the second surgery was performed after a gap of three days. A week after his eye surgeries, we called and spoke to his mother Kavita. She gladly revealed that Sharanappa’s eyes did have more vision than before; he could correctly identify and distinguish various currency notes, bring back objects as told, and walk around at home on his own without being led.

Grandparents Narsappa and Chennamma are thrilled with Sharanappa’s recovery. They eagerly share their experience with others in their village Methuku in Karnataka, and wholeheartedly recommend LVPEI in case anyone has vision problems.

                           Sharanappa along with his grandparents

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