Thursday, 6 March 2014

Gelli Kumar : From Total Vision Loss to Studying for B.A

Gelli Kumar, 20, from a poor family  in Nandigama village, Medak district , had lost vision in both his eyes when he was in his 5th standard, probably owing to the history of consanguinity  in his family. A relative recommended LVPEI , and the visit transformed his darkened life forever. 

He had lost vision in his right eye completely due to atrophic bulbi , but his left eye was  operated upon  for retinal detachment and thankfully enough , a little vision was restored in it after the first operation in 2003. Following the second operation in 2006, he could see the blackboard and was also able to read books . Later to enhance his residual vision, low vision devices (LVDs) were provided free of cost  by the Centre for Sight Enhancement (CSE) at LVPEI.

Thanks to all these efforts and his own determination, Kumar passed his 10th standard examinations with 72%  marks and his intermediate with 90% marks. Currently in his second year B.A, Kumar is grateful to Dr Vanita Pathak Ray and Ms Rebecca Sumalini. He wants to pursue his Masters in either Social Work or Law.  

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