Monday, 3 February 2014

Vision restored for young boy from Oman

Ahmeed Mohammad Saifa Al Amiri, a young 13 year old boy, came to LVPEI Hyderabad on 21st August 2013 with complaints of pain, redness and watering. He had fallen into a construction hole while playing with his friends near his home in Al Khabura, Oman, and a sharp object had struck his left eye. He had tried to hide this accident at home, but the excessive rubbing of his eye over the week, and a little bleeding, gave him away. 

The local hospital referred him to the Al Nahdha Hospital in Oman where the ophthalmologist said that he would have to undergo an operation for the cornea. Lack of facilities in Oman led him and his uncle Mr Waleed to come to LVPEI in India through the Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman.  

At LVPEI, the patient was diagnosed to have severe corneal infection in the left eye following the traumatic injury. Since he did not respond to medical treatment for fungal keratitis, a therapeutic corneal transplantation was performed. Recurrent infection in the graft led to a re-graft being performed by Dr Muralidhar Ramappa on 11th February 2014. This successfully resulted in vision being restored.  
The patient and his caretakers are understandably jubilant. They are grateful to the entire team that took good care in organizing their visit, helping them tide over the difficult situation, and finally ensuring that sight was restored in the young boy. 

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